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I took a local bartenders course to learn the drink recipes, but still couldn't get a bartenders job. After taking this Bartender Course, I quickly realized what I didn't know to get the job. Now I do!

Arlington, Texas

Bartender Course

If you want to become a bartender, you will need to have mastered the Host, Bus, Food Runner and Server courses. The bartender's domain is uniquely different as you have to learn to use new equipment and learn new product knowledge. You will need to learn the standard drink recopies and be able to mix them quickly and accurately. Bartenders manage all aspects of the bar from the atmosphere and guests experience to the products available. This includes the cleaning and stocking of glassware, maintaining an inventory of supplies and mixing ingredients according to recipes.

The Bartender Course introduces you to all of this. Understand the types of equipment found around the bar and the techniques and skills needed to work under busy situations while in direct view of your guests sitting at the bar. These modules will share many tips and tricks professional bartenders have learned working years in the industry.

Purchasing all the courses now will guarantee your motivation to move through the ranks into the most prestigious position in the establishment. Utilizing the knowledge and skills gained in these courses will excel you into this position faster than doing it the old fashioned way of just "gaining experience". You will have all the necessary skills and tips of the trade to be able to effectively train yourself while on the job. Don't miss out on this knowledge, book your course now.

Course Benefits:

  • Ever see an experienced bartender working effortlessly behind a busy bar? This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish this.
  • Learn how to work under pressure and exude confidence and professionalism while working in front of the guest.
  • Lean the standard measures and equipment used by bartenders.

Course Includes These Modules:

  • The Bartender
  • Bar Basics - What Everyone Should Know

For full module descriptions, see the Bartender Modules section.

Please see rates page for Bartender Course which includes all the above modules.

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