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My first job in the restaurant was a busser. The first day on the job should have been scary as I had people yelling at me for everything. Thank goodness I took the base course, so understood how the service cycle works and had a basic understanding of the guest.

Boise, Idaho

Base Hospitality Course

The base hospitality course has been designed to ensure you learn the key elements of this exciting and fascinating industry. The modules showcase a complete understanding of the guest and how important they are for the business and how to effectively communicate with them.

The Base Hospitality Course Modules include the Intro to Hospitality which will provide you with a general understanding of the hospitality industry as a whole, the Front of House (FOH) module will discuss the two main functional areas of a Food & Beverage operation, the Service Cycle outlines the service standards and identifies the service cycle of most Food & Beverage locations. The Establishment module will show you the various functional areas of the establishment. The modules What all FOH Employees Need to Know and Training Yourself on the Job are fantastic modules to ensure you are engaged in the job from day one.

If you are trying to land your first job, this knowledge will give you a considerable advantage at the interview. If looking at excelling in your position, the module 'Training Yourself on the Job' will give you the insight on how to use your newly learned knowledge, making you an integral member of the establishment and impressing the management team right away.

Course Benefits:

  • Learning how the guest thinks made communication with them easier.
  • Being knowledgeable on the establishment allowed me to quickly find things, making my job easier.
  • Knowing how the service cycle works helps in understanding how important the position is and how it affects the whole operation.

Course Includes These Modules:

  • Intro to Hospitality
  • Front of House (FOH)
  • The Service Cycle
  • The Establishment
  • What all FOH Employees Need to Know
  • Training Yourself on the Job
  • Typical Policies and Procedures

For full module descriptions, see the Base Modules section.

Please see rates page for Base Hospitality Course which includes all the above modules.

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