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I needed to get a job to help pay for school so tried getting a job at a restaurant. I thought it would be easy, but it wasn't. I took these base course modules which helped me talk my way into a busser position. Now I'm learning more to become a server.

Duane S.,
Memphis, Tennessee

Base Hospitality Course Modules

Intro to Hospitality

This module will provide you with a general understanding of the hospitality industry and how it affects our economy. The main focus will be on the products and services offered within a Food & Beverage (F&B) operation. We will see why the guest is so important for the operation.

Front of House (FOH)

This module will discuss the two main functional areas of a Food & Beverage operation, the importance of each and how they work together. We'll also talk about the importance of the guest and how to meet their expectations and manage their impressions.

The Service Cycle

This section outlines the service standards and identifies the service cycle of most Food & Beverage locations by demonstrating some typical scenarios of a guest's experience. You will gain a full understanding and appreciation of the full service cycle.

The Establishment

This section outlines what it is the guest looks at when they are in an establishment and as an employee, what you should be looking for while working in each particular area of the establishment. We'll also discuss the functional components of a restaurant and how to interact with each of them while on shift.

What all FOH Employees Need to Know

This section focuses on the basic knowledge required of all service employees who interact with the guest. All FOH employees must know and understand these standard requirements.

Training Yourself on the Job

While on the job training is imperative to understanding the ins and outs of both your position and the establishment for which you work, this unique section will review some of the ways you can continuously train yourself by asking the right questions and by paying attention to certain elements.

Typical Policies and Procedures

This section will focus on some basic policies and procedures that are relatively standard in the Food & Beverage industry. Not only will you get a grasp of these policies and procedures to help you excel in your position, but adherence to them is often essential in order for you to keep your job. Most establishments will have their own set of policies and procedures that are specific to their operations, but the ones outlined will discuss generally acceptable behaviors.

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