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I needed a summer job so tried getting a job at a restaurant. All they had was a host/ess position available. I took the Base and Host course, showed the manager my certificate and after a bunch of questions, they hired me on the spot. These courses really helped me get my foot in the door.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Host Course Modules

Host Staff

This module will discuss the roles and responsibilities of a host/hostess, how to best interact with guests and how to effectively manage your environment.

Effective Communications

In this section we will go over some fundamentals of communications and how to use them effectively in a F&B operation. As a service employee, you will be in constant contact with guests and other staff members, so it is imperative that you know what to expect and how to react in stressful situations.


Teamwork is essential to the effective operation of any F&B operation, but in order for it to work, it is important that you understand what other staff members are dealing with and experiencing in their respective job functions so you can communicate with them more effectively.

Handling Complaints

Handling complaints and dealing with rude and aggressive customers and staff is never easy. And unfortunately, there is very little training available for these types of situations. However, if you understand the situation and show confidence in your demeanor and your response, it can be diffused quickly and efficiently. This module will focus on helping you understand some of the typical complaints that you may be faced with, so you are armed with appropriate response mechanisms, which will help you handle any and all complaints with ease.

Scenario - The Wait

We will review a typical scenario experienced by guests during the first few minutes of entering an establishment. You will see how a seemingly routine situation can be interpreted by a guest and understand their thought process as the situation unfolds. This touches on the initial guest impressions and expectations and how service staff meets, exceeds or misses the guest service standards.

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