Hospitality Staff Training


Take the course and complete the exam, then show management the certificate you achieved after passing the course.

The trick is to apply the knowledge you learned while on the job. Know how to ask other staff and management the right questions to excel your learning and become an efficient team player quickly.


Certificate Programs Description Cost
Base Hospitality Course Certificate Fundamental Hospitality Base Course $70
Host Course Certificate Includes Base and Host Courses $120
Busser Course Certificate Includes Base, Host and Busser Courses $150
Food Runner Course Certificate Includes Base, Host, Busser and Food Runner Courses $195
Server Course Certificate Includes Base, Host, Busser, Food Runner and Server Courses $250
Bartender Course Certificate Includes Base, Host, Busser, Food Runner, Server and Bartender Courses $300
* Please refer to the following Learning Structure Below

To purchase a course, click the Enroll Now button to enter the eStore. Select the Certificate Program Course or Individual Module that you are interested in. From the shopping cart, select GO TO PAYMENTS. Enter in registration details (to access courses) and then you will be directed to a secure payment page. Upon completion, select ORDER which will email you login details to the learning center where you can begin the course modules.

Individual Modules Cost
Base Hospitality Modules
Introduction to Hospitality $5
Understanding Guest Expectations in Restaurants $20
The Service Cycle of a Restaurant $10
Understanding the Areas of a Restaurant $10
What All Restaurant Staff Need to Know $40
Host Modules
Restaurant Hosting Skills Training $25
Why People Complain $10
Effective Communication and Teamwork in Restaurants $25
Busser Modules
The Restaurant Busser's Role $25
Job Skills for Restaurant Employees $30
Restaurant Sanitation and Safety Tips $10
Food Runner Modules
The Food Runner Position in a Restaurant $20
Describing and Selling Restaurant Products $40
Communicating Product Knowledge in a Restaurant $20
Responding to Guest Complaints in a Restaurant $10
Server Modules
How to Be a Great Restaurant Server $40
Restaurant Table Service Gaps $10
The Computer or POS System of a Restaurant $10
Restaurant Service Staff Handling Cash $10
Wine Service in a Restaurant $10
Serving Alcohol - How to Deal with Intoxicated Persons $10
Bartender Modules
The Bartender Role in a Restaurant $40
Bar Basics - What Everyone Should Know $25
Select the ENROLL button and review the Individual Modules available for purchase

*Learning Structure

The Certificate Program courses offered, work in a sequential building process, meaning you will need to complete and pass each course before attempting the modules of the next course. The courses start with the Base Hospitality Course, then the Host , Busser, Food Runner, Server and finally the Bartender Course.

Each course will have a number of modules that can be taken in any order. At the end of each module, there will be a 'refresher quiz' to test if you have a good grasp of the content being offered. Once you have finished all the modules of the course, there will be a full exam that is required to be passed before you are able to continue with the next proceeding course. This test will require a minimum 80% passing score. Sounds high, but don't be alarmed, you will have an opportunity to return to the modules to ensure you learn everything you will need to pass the exam.

Having a printed certificate indicating you passed the course lets restaurant management know that you have some understanding of how the operation works and about the position - usually they have to assume this. This is important, especially when they are hiring someone. It shows initiative on your part. It also gives you the knowledge and confidence in answering questions during an interview.

Learn what you can, apply what you know,excel in your vision.

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