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The restaurant I work at doesn't have a food runner position so moving from a busser position into a server position was difficult. After taking the Food Runner course, I learned a ton! This allowed me to help the servers deliver their food, and now I got my first server shift.

Lauren T.,
Vancouver, B.C.

Food Runner Course

The Food Runner position builds on the Host and Bus courses, working from the kitchen Service Alley and the guests table. The Food Runner course introduces you to Menu Product Knowledge and teaches you how to communicate this knowledge effectively with the guest.

The Food Runner course is essential for those wanting to move into a Server position. You must learn what the menu dishes look like, what the ingredients are and how they are made to be confident when taking orders from guests. You must also learn how to carry plates of food in your hands and on trays.

The module on Menu Product Knowledge and Product Knowledge by Meal Period are likely the most important modules for someone wanting to be a server. Knowing your product demonstrates to the guest your level of professionalism in being a server.

When delivering menu items or beverages to guests, you will manage typical F&B complaints experienced by service staff, this module will give you the insights on how to handle these questions easily and professionally.

Course Benefits:

  • Learning and understanding menu product knowledge will lead you into a server position.
  • Learn how to anticipate what guests will want when serving food.
  • Be confident in carrying multiple plates of food.
  • Learn how to deal with guest food complaints.

Course Includes These Modules:

  • The Food Runner
  • Menu Product Knowledge
  • Product Knowledge by Meal Period
  • Typical Food and Beverage Complaints

For full module descriptions, see the Food Runner Modules section.

Please see rates page for Food Runner Course which includes all the above modules.

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