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I had no idea how much I needed to learn about product knowledge. No wonder management wouldn't give me a Server job. Got one now though! thanks.

Denver, Colorado

Food Runner Course Modules

The Food Runner

The function of the food runner is two fold. The most important aspect of this position is to "run" (not literally, as we shouldn't run in the restaurant) the hot food to the assigned table and more specifically, to the actual guest. The second main purpose of the food runner position is training to become a server.

Menu Product Knowledge

Menu product knowledge is very important for servers and bartenders to up-sell and describe dishes to guests. It also demonstrates to the guest, the level of professionalism of the serving staff. This section lets the employee know what typical things to look for and understand within each section of a standard menu. It includes the different cooking methods, ingredients involved and the typical substitutions encountered during daily operations.

Product Knowledge by Meal Period

Product knowledge by menu groupings is one thing, but meal periods also have unique menu items and associated product knowledge. Understanding how the product knowledge varies with each meal period is important for the food runner and service staff, and the unique requirements needed when serving these items.

Typical Food and Beverage Complaints

When delivering menu items or beverages to guests, you will invariably run into situations where the guest may not be satisfied with the quality or quantity of the items delivered. We will take a look at some typical F&B complaints experienced by service staff and ways to manage these complaints.

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