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I've been a server for a couple of years now, but always get the shortest shifts and the worst sections. After taking these courses, I realized right away why. I learned some amazing tricks and after a couple of weeks, was able to increase my sales dramatically. Now management gives me better shifts and better sections.

Seattle, Washington

Server Course

Being a professional server can take years. The Server course will teach you all the skills, techniques and knowledge needed of the server position, stuff the professional servers already know. The Server Course builds on all the previous courses. Much of the content in the Server Course assumes you are already confident in your knowledge and abilities taught in the Host, Bus and Food Runner courses.

The Server course includes essential modules on handling cash where you will learn the importance and responsibility of managing the establishment's money and your own personal cash. Then tips on using the Point of Sale (POS)computer system. This is essential because most POS systems offer similar features and functions making the learning curve of any new system much easier. Then learn the basics and necessities of effective wine service. Don't be intimidated in presenting a bottle of wine to the guest, opening the bottle and pouring the wine. Do it like a professional.

A very special module outlines the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Alcohol consumption and your guests. This module will provide you with a thorough understanding of how to deal with intoxicated persons; something that can take years of experience to learn.

Be that person who is respected and admired by your peers, book the Server course now.

Course Benefits:

  • Learn what professional servers already use every day.
  • Learn to anticipate what guests want to ensure they receive incredible service.
  • Learn how to use the Point of Sale system to help you manage your section and the money collected.
  • Applying the knowledge from this course will give you the tools and skills needed to help you get the best server shifts and sections.

Course Includes These Modules:

  • The Server
  • Scenario - The Table Service
  • The Computer or POS System
  • Handling Cash
  • Wine Service
  • Alcohol - The Good, Bad and Ugly

For full module descriptions, see the Server Modules section.

Please see rates page for Server Course which includes all the above modules.

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