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I used to run around like crazy. After taking these courses, it help me be more organized so could better handle my section. It's all about anticipating what the guest wants!

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Server Course Modules

The Server

The most basic job description of a server is taking a customers order and delivering food and drinks. Doesn't sound overly exciting or very complicated. If this is all a server did, then an order taker would describe the position. But that isn't the whole story. Let's rephrase the job description a little. The server's job is to be the host for their guests, ensuring they have an enjoyable stay while visiting the establishment. And this is exactly what the guest expects. Learn how to make this happen.

Scenario - The Table Service

In this scenario, there are specific service gaps experienced during a couples dining experience. Observe the difference between the guests expected service level and what is actually delivered by the server. The difference is the gaps in service or the professionalism of the service staff.

The Computer or POS System

Point of Sale systems can be quite complex and may seem somewhat overwhelming at first, but once mastered, these POS systems can be quite easy to use. Most POS systems offer similar features and functions making the learning curve of any new system much easier. POS systems greatly enhance the efficiency of servers and provide management with some very effective monitoring and control tools. This section touches on some of the basic operational aspects from a FOH staff member's point of view.

Handling Cash

Most new staff members have never dealt with cash before so it is important to learn the importance and responsibility of managing the establishment's money and your own personal cash. Most staff members don't realize how easy it is to mismanage their cash until they are short and have to pay for it out of their own pocket. Learn how to manage the cash and troubleshoot cash-related discrepancies when doing your cashout.

Wine Service

Learn the basics of wine service from the presentation to the guest, to opening the bottle and pouring the wine. Learn how to troubleshoot wine service situations and how to handle the rejection of a wine by the guest.

Alcohol - The Good, Bad and Ugly

Alcohol can be an enjoyable part of socializing for many people. The Food & Beverage industry serves many customers who enjoy alcohol. Unfortunately alcohol has some bad sides effects as well. Some courses teach employees how to identify people who are intoxicated and how to refuse service. However, these courses never really talk about how to do this effectively without upsetting the guests and without losing their patronage. An intoxicated person can become very rude, aggressive and violent quickly and must be handled with care. The following module will provide the employee with a thorough understanding of how to deal with intoxicated persons - something that can take years of experience to learn.

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