Hospitality Staff Training


These dynamic courses include the tips and tricks that professional service staff have learned over many years working in the industry.

These courses are inexpensive because we want to make sure the knowledge is available to everyone, including those looking for their first Job

Welcome to Hospitality Staff Training

In the hospitality industry, quality staff is critical to success; and quality staff comes from quality training. Whether you are new to the industry or are just looking to enhance your skill set, is essential to your success. Developed to provide the basic skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective team player -specifically in the front of the house (FOH) - this restaurant training will make your first few days on the job easier, help you excel in your new position and help you become a respected team member in no time.

They can be purchased as Individual Modules or as a Certificate Course Program based on a Role in a Restaurant.

I've taken my 25 years experience in the hospitality industry and condensed it into six courses, which will give you the necessary knowledge and skills needed to work in a restaurant environment. It is important to move from one position to the next in a logical progression, and as such, we will begin with the Base Hospitality Course, then move to the host, busser, food runner, server/waiter and finally to the bartender.

What's all this about anyway?


We are a learning organization, focused on Hospitality and specifically restaurant training. We offer 6 courses with the focus of giving you the necessary knowledge and skills needed to work in the front lines of any food and beverage operation. more


Whether this is your first restaurant job or you are looking to advance into a server position, this fast, effective and proven training system will have you performing like a seasoned pro in no time. more


Looking for a restaurant job? Train yourself for the position you want. The best way to do this, is to know what to do and what to ask. The only way to do this, is to first learn what to do, so you know what to ask through effective restaurant training. more

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